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Blog Overview:

This blog is going to be a mess because it is going to be about life and, perhaps you’ve noticed this too, life is a mess. My life certainly is — yours (probably) is too. I, however, find it is a mess like gasoline in a puddle — also kinda pretty.

Here I will share observations from my perspective as comedian-mom-historian-Sagittarius-Pescatarian with no Uterus.

Latest Blog

Title: New Blog, Who This

By: Dawn Brodey

I’m glad you’re here and honored you’re reading. I don’t know who *you* are, of course — it is one of the wonders of writing for the vast and ambiguous internet. Dear Reader,

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Dawn Brodey

  1. +Born Day!

  2. +Performed First Play! 1st Grade I was a piece of broccoli

  3. +Graduated High School — Go Raiders!
    +Moved to Minneapolis — started U OF M
    +First Pap Smear

  4. +Marry David...tall guy from Scotland
    +Hired as receptionist at Paddleford Riverboats

  5. +Begin work at Brave New Workshop (1st professional gig!)

  6. +Graduate from U of M — BA in Theater (history minor)
    +Divorce David...nice guy, dumb marriage

  7. +Cast in Tony n' Tina's Wedding
    +Get Agent

  8. +Quit Day job — Full—Time Freelance Actress

  9. +Run Grandma's Marathon

  10. +Run Chicago Marathon

  11. +Move aboard 1st Houseboat 'The Road'

  12. +Begin dating Andrew Melby (Spoiler Alert! I marry him)

  13. +Create/Co-Host 'All Star Variety Show Bonanza' — Monthly Variety Show in a Bowling Alley

  14. +Move in with Melby aboard 2nd Houseboat 'Toad Hallow'

  15. +Take 'The Road' on 1800 mile trip down the Mississippi River — St. Paul to Gulf of Mexico

  16. +Move in an RV to a Trailer Park in Los Angeles

  17. +Hired at Universal Studios Hollywood (Entertainment Capital of LA)
    +First Stand—Up (August)
    +Marry Andrew Melby...it rained — Loved it (September)

  18. +Begin Trailer Trash Talent Revue — Monthly Variety Show in a Trailer Park
    +Honeymoon! A month in Thailand!

  19. +Pretty Little Liars, Days of our Lives, Several Films — Go SAG!
    +Buy a Condo, get knocked up

  20. +Welcome Baby Beatrice

  21. +The world comes to a screeching, painful, wrath-inducing stop

  22. +...you tell me