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HILF 18: The Iranian Revolution with Zari Faripour

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Dawn Brodey

  1. +Born Day!

  2. +Performed First Play! 1st Grade I was a piece of broccoli

  3. +Graduated High School — Go Raiders!
    +Moved to Minneapolis — started U OF M
    +First Pap Smear

  4. +Marry David...tall guy from Scotland
    +Hired as receptionist at Paddleford Riverboats

  5. +Begin work at Brave New Workshop (1st professional gig!)

  6. +Graduate from U of M — BA in Theater (history minor)
    +Divorce David...nice guy, dumb marriage

  7. +Cast in Tony n' Tina's Wedding
    +Get Agent

  8. +Quit Day job — Full—Time Freelance Actress

  9. +Run Grandma's Marathon

  10. +Run Chicago Marathon

  11. +Move aboard 1st Houseboat 'The Road'

  12. +Begin dating Andrew Melby (Spoiler Alert! I marry him)

  13. +Create/Co-Host 'All Star Variety Show Bonanza' — Monthly Variety Show in a Bowling Alley

  14. +Move in with Melby aboard 2nd Houseboat 'Toad Hallow'

  15. +Take 'The Road' on 1800 mile trip down the Mississippi River — St. Paul to Gulf of Mexico

  16. +Move in an RV to a Trailer Park in Los Angeles

  17. +Hired at Universal Studios Hollywood (Entertainment Capital of LA)
    +First Stand—Up (August)
    +Marry Andrew Melby...it rained — Loved it (September)

  18. +Begin Trailer Trash Talent Revue — Monthly Variety Show in a Trailer Park
    +Honeymoon! A month in Thailand!

  19. +Pretty Little Liars, Days of our Lives, Several Films — Go SAG!
    +Buy a Condo, get knocked up

  20. +Welcome Baby Beatrice

  21. +The world comes to a screeching, painful, wrath-inducing stop

  22. +...you tell me



This blog is going to be a mess because it is going to be about life and, perhaps you’ve noticed this too, life is a mess. My life certainly is — yours (probably) is too. I, however, find it is a mess like gasoline in a puddle — also kinda pretty.

Here I will share observations from my perspective as comedian-mom-historian-Sagittarius-Pescatarian with no Uterus.

Latest Blog

Title: I Fed Her

By: Dawn Brodey

both of us suddenly thrust into this raw and scary new world at the exact same time. Both of us screaming. Both of us crying. Both of us struggling to see who the other one was. Before the aliens of latex gloves, sharp points of focused light and antibiotic swabs could come between us, however, I fed her.

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More Entries

Title: New Blog, Who This

By: Dawn Brodey

I’m glad you’re here and honored you’re reading. I don’t know who *you* are, of course — it is one of the wonders of writing for the vast and ambiguous internet. Dear Reader,

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