They Called her Captain - a one-woman show 

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Captain Jeanne Goldoff, on the day Japan surrenders:  Sept. 2nd, 1945

In 2013 the US Army, entrenched in a long and bitter war overseas, announced that it would finally admit women into combat. The move was both celebrated and decried; all as record numbers of women donned the uniform, left their families and faced a strange, horrific war an ocean away.  

It was similar in 1944 when the first women of the  WAC (Women's Army Corps) took up their service.  'They Called her Captain' is the true story of one of these women - Minnesota resident, Jeanne Goldoff Bearmon (92).  Stationed in a communications division in London, Jeanne was among the first WAC officers deployed to Europe during WWII.

Local playwright and producer, Dawn Brodey, has written several historical plays; including a one-woman show about the life of Mary Shelley which performs regularly at the Bakken Museum.  

"When it comes to history, I find the truth is always better than fiction," Brodey said, "and Jeanne's story is so remarkable, it demanded to be made into theater."

From the order-barking drill sergeant in basic-training; to the polite English family who housed her; to the rescued Jews with whom she shared Shabbat - the people that made up Jeanne's experience are rich and varied. Directed by Ellen Fenster, the play weaves together the voices of these real-life people, who are deftly portrayed by actress Maggie Bearmon Pistner, Jeanne's daughter.  

Funny and surprising, audiences will love this historic tale of adventure and coming of age during a time of war.


Saturday, August 3rd - 1PM

Sunday, August 4th - 8:30PM

Wednesday, August 7th - 10PM

Friday, August 9th - 10PM

Saturday, AUgust 10th - 7PM

All perfromaces are located at:


2301 E. Franklin Ave - Minneapolis, MN  55116

Produced as part of the 2013 MN Fringe Festival.


WAC's training at Fort Devens as part of ceremonies commemorating the first anniversary of founding of the women's solders corps.  *1943 A/P Wide World Photos.  © Dawn Brodey 2012