At a glance:


Dawn currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. 

* BA in Theatre from Univesity of MN

* 10+ years of impov training and performance.

* Currently seeking commercial/theatrical representation in LA.

News and Updates

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Dawn started improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade on Oct. 27th! 

Graduation show for this two-week intensive class is $5 and open to the public:  Sat. November 8th @ 12PM. 


Dawn plays the character 'Momma' in the feature film The Recruitment, shot in Minneapolis in November, 2013.  A hilarious bloodbath about two unwitting friends who get sucked into a crime ring.


A fun and funny feature-length film about ’theater people'.  A group of actor’s spend the night in a presumably haunted theater.  Watch it in full right here for free.  No really.  It’s legal and we want you to!  © Dawn Brodey 2012