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Ghostbusting my Boobs:

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So I’m standing topless in a bathroom stall at Buffalo Wild Wings in Sherman Oaks, California and I have a choice to make:  Sports bra or no bra?  …READ MORE

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Twice produced in Minneapolis, this is a commissioned,  one-woman show about the life of Jeanne Bearmon - one of the first officers in the Women’s Army Corps during World War II. 

August 2013:  Debut @ Minnesota Fringe Festival

March 2016: 3-week run @ Minneapolis Jewish Federation:

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"Finding Frankenstein"  - A one-woman show about the life of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstien.  

Commissioned by and regularly performed at The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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* “Madame Majesta’s Medicine Tent Show” – This show was commissioned by the company of artists at Interact Theater in Minneapolis.  Working closely with composer Aaron Gabriel, this show followed a company of ‘freaks’ in turn-of-the-century America.

*”Work of Heart” – My second commissioned work with Interact Theatre.  This magical story followed a hum-drum office drone down a rabbit hole and into a world of surprises and love.


* "A Candid World" - It is July of 1776 in New York City.  The Revolutionary War is just beginning and the Bassett family is trying to navigate the many faces of Independence.  Staged at Illusion Theatre in Minneapolis - 2011

* "Snegurochkas & Babushkas" -  This children's show which incorporates several characters from Russian Folklore.  Commissioned by and performed at The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

* "We Gotta' Bingo" - Hired as an actor, I collaborated with the company who work-shopped and improvised a final script which ran at The Actor’s Theater of MN from 2005-2007, and in Cleveland, OH in 2007.

*”The Ultimate Pajama Party” – I am a company member and co-writer of this fun and highly interactive play.  Premised on the idea of an old-school slumber party, but for women with more life experience than they had in 5th grade.  Opens Jan. 2013 in Minneapolis.

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