Archive: Year 2 - Saturday, November 10, 2007  #5: "Wrapped Up"

It has been a big day on the River.  I woke up this morning (barely morning) at 11:30 AM to the sound of the marina crew outside, gathering the supplies needed to shrink-wrap The Road.  I made a pot of coffee and a quick plan to get out of the marina and out of their hair.  I had lowered the fly bridge and cleared the decks and after that, the best help I can be is out of ear-shot.  When I returned at 4:30 PM The Road was nestled within a cozy, white cocoon.  Very cozy, it turned out, as they had not yet cut out the door.  

When the door was attached and I got in and settled, I could feel the difference immediately.  On sunny days, even if the air is bitterly cold, the interior of the plastic can heat up to such a degree that you can turn off your furnace and just run fans.  At night, however, it’s only insulation factor is as a wind-breaker, which is still no small help.  Tomorrow, I plan on cutting a few windows in the shrink-wrap and generally feathering my new nest.

Tonight as I took Grace up the ramp for her nightly emission, I saw a fire blazing in the fire pit and shared a beer and a cigarette with Hazel and Carla.  Carla was part of the crew shrink-wrapping The Road today and as we were collectively admiring what a fine job everyone has done, Hazel asked me how I got the couch out in time.  


The large couch from the helm that needs to be removed to make room for the furnace, sites precisely where it always has.  The idea of moving it had been a sizable challenge without thinking of squeezing – or more likely cutting – a way out.  Exactly why I had failed to do it.  Carla quickly suggested that instead of trying to get it out, I haul the couch through the boat, to the back deck and set it there for the winter.  I had instant visions of a lovely sitting area on mild days where Gracie and I can congratulate each other on our good fortune…  Doesn’t make me feel like any less of a dummy.  One of the rare, perhaps only, downsides to living alone is having to move furniture – I should have known better.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a one of box-cutters, duct tape, and heavy lifting.  A better Saturday may not exist in the world. 

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